1. Clean Air System


      • Small chiller CKS series

        ORION chillers achieve many results and receives many confidence from customers as the industrial chiller. The production is started in China in accordance with high quality of Japanese manufactures, and it leads to more reasonable and speedy products supply to customers. And also, water temp. is controlled as ±0.l℃ by using ORION unique refrigerant control method.

      • Heavy duty chiller CKL series

        CKL series is designed with a large water tank for convenient operation. We've adopted a submersible pump design which goes a long way to alleviate bigger troubles such as water leaks, etc. And MAX 22 % reduction in size compared with our previous models. As the cooling and water pressure performance of these chillers are the same as with ORION's Japanese made models, they can be substituted as is. And also, high temperature control accuracy to ±0.1℃ is realized by using ORION unique HB (Hot gas by-pass) control.